Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing


  • The NEW channel for customer communication
  • Twice as many people own a mobile phone than have access to the Internet
  • 45% of brands have already tested and deployed text messaging campaigns (mformobile)
  • 89% of major brands planning to market via mobile phones by 2010 (Airwide Solutions)
  • In the next 5 years over half of brands will spend between 5% and 25% of total marketing budget on mobile (mformobile)
  • Mobile marketing is used for:
    • Mobile Coupons
    • Information on Demand
    • Mobile Surveys
    • Auto Responders
    • Text Blasts & Alerts
    • Promotional Blasts
    • Mobile Voting & Polling
    • Mobile Fund Raising


Mobile Coupons

Mobile marketing can target customers with special offers and coupons. Redemption codes and one-time use coupons can be sent via text only or with mobile coupon for in-store redemption.


Mobile Surveys

Ask leading questions to receive important feedback from customers. Instantly receive a review and post online or use for internal training.

Gain insights from your customers minutes after they visit your store  or restaurant. Cross-promote sign-up for alerts, mobile coupons and other campaigns.